Who What When Where Why & How Am I? Audio Lecture

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Who What When Where Why & How Am I?  Audio Lecture

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This lecture helps you to better understand who you are, why you are here, what you have to offer others, and how to find the most happiness. The information will assist those of you in recovery or emerging from a dysfunctional family background. Most career guidance and personality typing systems assume you're giving them valid data. They offer clear direction to functional underlying personality structures. But what happens when the underlying structure is skewed, when the data they're given isn't valid in some way? Dysfunctional family backgrounds, by definition, can skew the personality structure, and this can lead to equally misleading 'results'. The information here is most helpful for these situations, when other systems haven't helped you nail down answers about yourself as much as you'd hoped.

After listening, you'll have the necessary tools to move towards success:

  • You'll recognize many ways to discover who you really are and what you need, to be productive and happy.
  • You'll be able to figure out why you're here, and what you're here to do.
  • You'll have clear directions for finding where in your culture your efforts will be most appreciated.
  • You'll have clear directions for getting from here to there.
  • You'll know how to determine what is genuine and real, without using a faulty data base.

Dysfunctional family backgrounds, by definition, create an environment demonstrating skewed discernment. When judgement is faulty in some way, it makes choices, and produces results, that are also faulty in some way.

Functional discernment includes the ability to direct one's choices and actions clearly to bring about one's goals, and to acquire the necessary functional tools necessary to link cause with desired effect.

An early problematic environment can influence this straight-forward cause and effect thinking, warping it in one or more ways. The result is a life equation that somehow never adds up right. You may only become aware of this warping after the effect, when time and interactions don't work as expected. At that point, there may be little time left for fixing.

One reason personality typing systems and career assessment might fail may be their assumption that they're analyzing a functional underlying structure. Their ability to act as guides is limited by the data they have to work with. These systems yield useful results in direct proportion to the clarity of the underlying structure. When this underlying structure is faulty or false, the assessment results are likewise faulty or false. They cannot be otherwise.

In other words, if you're confused, you may or may not know it, but either way, these systems certainly won't know it.

These systems can be very productive, revealing unexpected arrangements for potential you already know you have, but they can't include anything you've not provided to them.

The irony is that you're asking these questions, and this indicates you're aware there's something you can't figure out on your own. You want to know what you don't know, and because you don't know what you don't know, you need help to recognize it. You need a different aid. You need to go outside your box, and then look at it, and then you'll discern the shape it is.

These lectures show you many ways to self-assess to discover the underlying structure of who you really are without the deleterious effects of skewed discernment. This isn't another 'system'; our methods are based on simple physics and common sense, and the results are likewise simple, clear, and practical. They work. As Einstein once said, answers should be as simple as necessary, but no simpler. In other words, if this seems stupid, but it works, then it's not stupid. And likewise, if's it's lauded but it doesn't work, then it doesn't work! See? You just read 2 clear discernment sentences.

This is a live recording from one of our classes. The audience includes small children who contribute some remarkable insights to the live discussions. Children have innate judgement that we would all be wiser for recovering. To clear our thinking, it's vital to understand the root causes of our misunderstandings, because we build a house of cards on them.

This lecture is an excellent supplement to other forms of counseling, including but not limited to psychoanalysis and personality assessment systems. This is meticulous research, based on seminal work by John Holland, John Crystal, Richard Nelson Bolles, RIASEC, Myers Briggs, skills assessment testing systems such as the Johnson O'Conner Human Engineering Research Laboratory, career guidance services offered in industry and education, and the Department of the Interior's DOT job classification categories.


Duration and Class Format:

  • Approximately 180 minutes, recorded live during one of our classes.
  • This is in an informal lecture setting format with active live audience participation.
  • The information is based on sound scientific principles.
  • The information is presented in clear English at a moderate pace.


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  • We do Mind Yoga. We're not for the mentally rigid. We bend your mind by introducing concepts and links you might otherwise miss.
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  • Our information is based on sound scientific principles and meticulous exhaustive research.
  • Information is presented in clear English at a moderate pace, in an informal lecture setting format with active audience participation.
  • The information presented is straightforward and easy to follow.
  • If our combined experience has taught us anything, it's that genuine facts turn out to be so strange, they're enlightening, all on their own, without any embellishment.
  • Another favorite motto of ours is "If It's Stupid, And It Works, It's Not Stupid. And Vice Versa".



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  • Question: You're a professional Art & Antiques business. How can you also be professional publishers, physicists, chemists, astronomers, theatre producers, musicians, and stage magicians? And what's the difference between a professional and an amateur anyway?
  • Short Answer #1: We're a group of professionals; we're not just one person. A professional gets paid for what they do; they make their living doing whatever they do. Amateurs don't make their living at what they do; they may occasionally get paid, or they may never get paid, but it's not their primary source of income.
  • Short Answer #2: You can't do Science very well without Art, and you can't do Art at all without Science. Think about it.



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