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Everything we offer has a story of heritage, tradition, and craft. Since 1949, we've developed, refined, and expanded our catalog of one of a kind fine quality pieces. Our mission is to continue offering beautiful pieces - from antiques to fine art to furniture, fixtures, and coordinating decor - made to last for your home. A home endures when every item in it has purpose and perspective, is thoughtfully designed, and crafted impeccably. Making one of our pieces part of your story is what keeps ours going. 

Our™ website houses a supercool mix of antique and contemporary, and most are one of a kind: fine art, painting, sculpture, furniture, hardware, vintage European advertising, foreign language books, antique housewares, jewelry,  and a bit of stunning attention grabbing wearable art.  Suit Yourself™ International has Fine Frivolity For Fastidious Folk; really great things. Wholesale and dealer terms are online at 

SYI is a third generation firm; our parent firm, Spencer & Company, was founded in 1949 as designers and manufacturers of custom period furniture to the trade. We specialize in offering one of a kind objects d'art that inspire by demonstrating both singular insight and exceptional skill. Wholesale and dealer terms are online at





Debra Spencer
Founder and President, Suit Yourself™ International 


As founder, and President of the Suit Yourself™ network (SuitYourself.International,, Appanage™ Technical Arts Library, The Alley),  Debra Spencer is a veteran of the technology industry, a visionary e-commerce innovator whose career spans over 40 years in the Arts, Architecture, Interior Design, and Industrial Science industries. A skilled programmer with keen business savvy, her career began at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) with the Center For Computer Research In Music And Acoustics (CCRMA) and has continued with clients around the world. Combining her high-tech science background with her passion for history, art, and antiques, she has defied the lures of venture capital and instead chosen involvement in organically building several groundbreaking start-up platforms. As a leading expert and dealer in European arts, antiques, and period restoration, she designed, coded, and built the Suit Yourself™ International websites in 1978 as a wholesale showcase and technical library for art and antiques to the trade.  She is the author of over a dozen books and manuals, including Zork, the first computer game manual ever published, and the best selling Buy Me: Social Psychology & Behavioral Economics for Ecommerce (SYI, 2015). She is the features editor for Appanage magazine, and for over thirty years, has contributed her unique perspective and deep insight to the popular audio science detective series, The Fabric Of Life™.  Debra is also an avid amateur astronomer and finds the dark night skies on Islesboro to be one of the island's most redeeming features.

Debra renovated the beloved Stoberg's diner on Islesboro Island;  the venerable 200-year old barn is now SYI's island warehouse. The big Times Roman "S" on the door stands for "Stoberg's", of course. The address is 120 Pendleton Point Road, 44n31 68w9; open online only, 24/7, 365 days a year.

"I'm deeply grateful to be part of Islesboro's community and for the serenity of this island's beauty, both of which infuse all I do."


"Way to find rabbit's residence is to turn rabbit loose and watch." - Charlie Chan, The Black Camel



Lucille Tigges
Factotum and Operations Field Manager


Lucille joined the team in 1999 as Factotum and General Operations Field Manager and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of specialty properties storage; she also handles building maintenance for all of SYI's locations. Concurrently, she has also worked from the start on the build-up of two successful SYI ecommerce platforms, including the Appanage™ Technical Arts Library. Lucille has a unique perspective and deep knowledge of all aspects of the vagaries involved in managing commercial property on a small island. Lucille grew up in a family of mechanicaphylics; both her brother and nephew are professional race car drivers.


"Buildings can be altered without altering plans."   - Charlie Chan, The Shanghai Cobra 



Our Advisers and Support Specialists are listed here:


"Charming company turn lowly sandwich into rich banquet." - Charlie Chan in Reno, 1939.



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It's a fortune cookie once a week.  We explore the miraculous, learn about the science of art, and the art of science,  and uncover such topics as astronomy, trompe l'oeil, fireworks chemistry, ancient restorations, and how to properly iron fine cotton dress shirts, which is not as mundane as one might think.


"Investigation best way to find answer."   - Charlie Chan, Dead Men Tell Tales


We're never banal, we're never boring, and our magazine never ever tries to sell you anything. We'd rather you know what things are so you can decide for yourselves if something meets your needs.


"Cannot own everything; where would honorable parents put same?"   - Charlie Chan, The Chinese Ring



Science Meets Art In Our Library:


We restore more than antiques and fine art; we also restore information.

Brouse our Library.   

For example, our Library is home to long lost restoration techniques translated from the past and chemically updated to the present, fully viable using safe stuff obtainable now.

We present meticulously researched practical information usable in daily life, in ways simple enough to understand and apply, but no simpler. The information is always supported by facts referenced for further research.  We're always posting new information.

There's nothing superficial, supercilious, superfluous, sloppy,  unsupported, unsubstantiated, or sycophantic here. That's not our style.  

The arts and sciences are two sides of the same coin. Serious contemplation of one leads to enlightened awareness of the other, and the more we notice, the more we're transformed by what we notice.


"Knowledge only gained through curiosity."   - Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum




Stop by for a breath of fresh air and new ideas.  

What's more fun than discovering something you've never seen before?How about discovering TWO things you've never seen before??


"Mind like parachute - only function when open."   - Charlie Chan at the Circus



See into the Invisible.

Best Wishes,


"Very wise know way out before going in." - Charlie Chan at the Circus
Suit Yourself™ International
Fine Frivolity For Fastidious Folk.
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